Contributing to Django-minipub

Contributions are always very welcome. Even if you have never contributed to an open-source project before - please do not hesitate to offer help. Fixes for typos in the documentation, extra unit tests, etc… are all welcome.

Example project

Django-minipub includes an example project under /example_project/ to get you quickly ready for contributing to the project - do not hesitate to use it!

You’ll probably also want to manually install Sphinx if you’re going to update the documentation.

Coding style

No surprises here - just try to follow the conventions used by Django itself.

Unit tests

Including unit tests with your contributions will earn you bonus points, maybe even a beer. So write plenty of tests, and run them from the /example_project/ with a python test.

There’s also a Tox configuration file - so if you have tox installed, run tox from the /example_project/ folder, and it will run the entire test suite against all versions of Python and Django that are supported.


Keeping the documentation up-to-date is very important - so if your code changes how Django-minipub works, or adds a new feature, please check that the documentation is still accurate, and update it if required.

We use Sphinx to prepare the documentation; please refer to the excellent docs on that site for help.


The CHANGELOG is part of the documentation, so don’t forget to update it!